King Size Bedspread

Elvis and Priscilla's personal king size bedspread and two piece skirting from there bedroom in there Hillcrest home. (Late 1960's)
Elvis Presley purchased the Hillcrest home in 1967, when he sold it in the 1970's, he sold it with all the contents inside.
This huge king size olive green tan crushed velvet bedspread with matching skirting (which comes in two pieces) came off of Elvis and Priscilla's king-size bed from there Hillcrest home. It was acquired by the Elvis Presley Museum by the president Jimmy Velvet in September 1980 from the Don B. auction at the Hollywood Palladium. This was the auction for the contents from Elvis Presley's Hillcrest home.
This is the full complete olive green tan king size bedspread and two piece skirting, well used and well worn and well faded. There are some blood stains on the bedding.
Over forty years old.
A truly exceptional piece.
It was on display at Jimmy Velvet's world famous Elvis Presley Museum for many years and has been seen by millions of fans and exposed to a lot of lighting and sunlight.
Comes with a Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet for the bedspread and two piece skirting.
Comes with a Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet for all the Polaroid photo's of baby Lisa with the bedspread and skirting.
There are two Elvis Presley Museum letters of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet with more details about the bedspread and skirting.
We have some Polaroid's of baby Lisa Marie with the bedspread and skirting in Elvis and Priscilla's Hillcrest Bedroom.
In the DVD Elvis by the Presley's (can be found on) Disc 1 Chapter 6 THE KING, 2 hours 05mins 43 seconds you can see a home movie from Priscilla's collection of Baby Lisa with this same bedspread and skirting that we own.
We have original pictures from all angles. Below are some pictures of baby Lisa with the bedspread and skirting. They have been heavily edited and cropped for security copying purposes.


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Close up of the bedspread
Please note: This was taken with flash photography and is indeed darker.

Close up of the skirting.
Please note: This was taken with flash photography and is indeed darker.