1956 Screen Actors Guild


This historical William Morris Agency contract that Elvis Presley signed on April 24th 1956 was a waiver as Elvis was not a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was legally required to be in order to start his movie career.
Elvis had to sign this contract so he could execute a contract with Hal B Wallis and Joseph H Hazen on a test-optional basis. This contract was also signed by a William Morris Agency representative and also signed by a Screen Actors Guild representative.
This is a extremely historical contract because if Elvis had not signed this contract - waiver, he would not have been able to appear in the movies. This is where it all began. This contract was sent to the Screen Actors Guild at the request of Hal B Wallis and Joseph Hazen productions.

The very next day April 25th, negotiations with Hal Wallis were finalized and Elvis signed a seven year movie contract with Hal Wallis and Paramount Pictures and the rest was history........................................
This signed contract/waiver had been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM in Las Vegas for many years.

This following information came from the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland.
It reads as follows.............................................

This April 24th 1956 waiver was signed by entertainer, Elvis Presley as well as representatives of William Morris Agency and Screen Actors Guild.
The waiver was sent to the Screen Actors Guild at the request of Wallis/Hazen productions. Elvis was about to become not only Americas greatest singing sensation, but a Legendary movie star. (SAG) approval was required.
Elvis would go on to star in 33 major motion pictures during his lifetime.
This signed waiver has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM during the past 5 years.
The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM has been bought by Graceland and retired.


Elvis' historic Screen Actors Guild contract.


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